young life for middle schoolers



We want to know middle schoolers and tell them that they are pursued by a loving and purposeful God. The difference maker in relational ministry like Young Life is that regardless of how kids may respond to that truth, they will be cared for unconditionally by their leaders. WyldLife leaders are parents, teachers, young adults, or even high school students who want to be a part of building relationships with middle school students and sharing what is true about Jesus.

Starting Fall of 2019, Young Life is implementing the requirement that we must collect parent or guardian permission for any WyldLife-age kid to ensure their safety and easier flow of communication. This is a link to the electronic WyldLife Permission Form​ or you can download the paper form here. WHYL WyldLife Permission.pdf

With middle school students communication can often be difficult. We want to make sure that parents are always in the loop in whatever way that we can. Don’t hesitate to call our office, (713) 934-7411, with any questions about WyldLife or how to get involved.

Contact our office here! 

We're always looking for WyldLife leaders! If you are interested in learning more about WyldLife, let us know by sending us your name here.

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